Anonymous asked: What happened to Suzy??

idunno dude, i just came back from vaykay, sooooo im just as clueless as you are <3

Anonymous asked: why are you so obsessed with her? its creepy.

omg i know right let me go cry the cries of all cries because i am obsessed with a 19 year old over the internet that i do not know omg ok but


suzy left for idk how long.



searching4myclarity asked: Did you take down black girl problems? D:

suzy did lol

chocolatecharcoal asked: I have no idea what "it" is, but I have no doubt in my mind that you can absolutely do it, and do it well. Lots of love from Vegas :-)

idk what yall talking about……

idk suzy likes aaliyah so i thought i’d post this and shit.

(via aaliyahalways)

jazzyball-z asked: I just watched Mini's First cuz you were talking about it and shes fucking insane.


bigapplebaby asked: When you do background checks on regular sites like pipl does it automatically check if the person is a sex offender?

background checks dafuq…

i dont know how to do that shit.

i think you might wanna ask ———————————> HER

idk why you guys keep following me im not doing anything on here lol.

Anonymous asked: hey whyd you do this? im so connfused now...

lemme break it down for yeeee.

  • suzy changed her url
  • i took it
  • <3
  • didnt
  • see
  • that
  • one
  • coming
  • did
  • ya
  • did
  • ya
  • did
  • ya
  • huh
  • huh
  • huh